Whoa... I actually drew a strip, though it's not part of the current story (again).

I'm evaluating how much time it will take to finish the storyline. I do intend to finish it someday.

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News for January 28, 2017

Howdy, everyone. I'm afraid there's still no major updates on the horizon, but lately I've put some much needed work into my gallery system (which I've barely touched in 3 years). Once I get a UI for tag searching implemented (searching via CGI queries already works) I'll be moving on to finally adding a comment system. I'll be adding comments to my comic strips first, since it's easier, and then to the gallery later.

With the closing of 2016 I've been thinking a lot about career options and have made a final decision to stop working with computers. Obviously, given the lack of updates to my projects, I'm not much into them, especially since smart phones showed up. I think working in this new world full of cloud, UX, apps, and DRM is below me. Nothing in the tech industry is fun anymore. I do have some plans for some new hobbies which may involve art, but since there's no way to make money doing drawn comics, it's hard to justify working on this site [regularly] again. It's fun, but not anything viable. Occasionally comics might show up and I will be finishing the current storyline eventually, but I need to focus my time elsewhere.

I had done some work with voice recording a while back that had potential, so one of my latest crazy ideas is a puppet show with deadpan humor. Not neccessarily on YouTube, but at least something involving online video. As a hobby, it's worth a shot if I can get enough craft materials together to build my puppets (not to mention actual creative material). Seeing a “real-life” Waccoon rambling on about existence might be pretty funny. Now that he's middle aged with a kid and all, he's gotten a little more senile. At least, in a friendly, funny way. ;)

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