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#1 11-21-2013 11:11:17


Long comments make Apache crash.

I'm running Wacintaki locally with XAMPP.

Every time I try to post a comment (Author or commenting on a different oekaki) longer than 309 characters or so my Apache HTTP Server crashes and has to restart all over.
Everything else seems to work fine, pictures and files get posted normally, etc.

This is the only script I've installed that crashes my apache.

#2 11-23-2013 06:51:52


Re: Long comments make Apache crash.

Wow, 309 characters is really short.

I'll be surprised if this works, but try using a version of "common.php" which does not perform the UTF-8 validation.

I've had issues with it not working for comments longer than 10,000 characters, so in the 1.5.14 release I limited the verification to comments smaller than 6,000 characters.  This new file disables the validation entirely.


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