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#1 04-06-2011 05:51:32


Wacintaki 1.5.6 released

At long last, 1.5.6 is finally here.

1.5.6 is a huge technical update, which includes a rewrite of the language system, as well as new Spanish and German language packs.

The update is a bit more complicated this time, though I've put a lot of effort into making sure the update process is smooth.  If people have posted comments on your oekaki in languages other than English, or that use international character sets, the board will need to be updated to UTF-8.  This conversion process adds a few steps to the update, and may take a minute or two.

NOTE: If you are using the Traditional Chinese language pack and you logged out of the board before applying the patch, the board will not redirect you to the updater.  You will have to type "update.php" into your web browser address bar to start the update.

1.5.6 Full install

Patch for 1.1.0 or newer
Patch for 1.3.14 or newer
Patch for 1.5.0 or newer

If you have a problem with the updater, don't panic and try to re-install the board.  Post a thread here on the forum for help.  Your oekaki will be disabled while it is in maintenance mode and cannot be damaged by members trying to post pictures, comments, etc.


v1.5.6 - April 6, 2011

- Huge changes to language files.  Edited multiple language references.
- Moved some <strong> and <em> tags into language files, to help readability of logographic languages.  Still lots of work to do.
- Fixed help messages for multiple WIPs in comment.php.
- Board no longer sends HTTP 403 as an anti-spam measure (still sends 404 for expired form data).
- Removed mod version number from boot.php.
- Removed newest/oldest pictures from diagnostics page.  Obsolete with new sorting system.
- Manual registration approval will no longer return an e-mail warning if e-mails are turned off in the cpanel.
- Fixed installer so language drop-down menu has a "Submit" button and no longer requires JavaScript.
- The online list and the log now use language translation properly.
- Fixed undefined index issue when modflags.php sends checkbox values to functions.php.
- Cleaned up error reporting in boot.php to use HTML rather than plain text.
- Fixed question HTML links in FAQ for administration section.
- Finally disabled DNS host lookup by default.  Almost nobody needs it, and it can severely affect load times for some members.
- ENABLE_DNS_HOST_LOOKUP added to hacks file to re-enable DNS lookup.  Use with caution.
- USE_UTF8_ENGLISH removed from hacks file.
- Rewrote the FAQ, and removed the Firefox download button.
- Updated links in FAQ.  JTablet now available for Mac and Linux.
- rewrote Niftytoo usage directions.
- Fixed problem with procedural-style MySQLi string escapement not finding the link resource.
- Fixed db_error() backtrace to be strict compliant (cannot use next() with function references).
- db_error() and db_history() now store more than one value.
- Fixed db_close() to give a proper return value.
- Board will now send e-mails and mailbox messages in a member's chosen language.
- Fixed language system so translations will not be self-modified.
- Language translation system now handles embedded substitutions.
- Fixed a few undeclared variable issues with $user.
- Memberlist will no longer search for e-mails members have masked (the memberlist would always hide results, though).
- Fixed error reporting in viewani.php to not check the size of missing animations.
- Fixed undeclared parameters in paintbbsget.php and shiget.php.
- Fixed login to give more specific error messages.
- Fixed updater not exiting properly ("w_exit;" instead of "w_exit();").
- The chat system finally sorts messages top to bottom, rather than bottom to top.
- Quoted text in comments will now parse correctly so blockquotes will always be closed.
- Fixed how Java command line options for DirectX are being passed through the applet parameters.
- Logging into the oekaki will now remove the guest language cookie.
- Added new database columns: "edited" (date), "editedby" (username), and "uploaded" (int).
- Fixed an XSS vulnerability with the memberlist.
- Fixed some HTML encoding issues with stored URLs.
- The installer will no longer complain about duplicate columns when installing multiple boards.
- Board will convert ISO-8859-1 passwords to UTF-8 passwords.  Note: Big5 passwords will need to be reset.

- New Spanish translation, courtesy of Federico Arboleda.
- New German translation, courtesy of Nadin Unbehau (Trunski).
- Overhauled language usage, substitutions, read order, blocking, and punctuation.
- Wacintaki will now automatically serve a guest's preferred language based on HTTP_USER_AGENT.
- All language packs now use UTF-8.
- Updater will recode old databases from ISO-8859-1 (Latin1) to UTF-8.
- Date formats, including drop-down menus, are now controlled by language files (needs some work).
- Installer allows admin account to have a different language than the oekaki.
- Language select drop-down menu now sorts properly and shows both native and English names.
- New lockout for updater: automatically enables maintenance mode and requires login.
- Finally added a caching system.  Currently only used for language names.
- Added new language packs for ShiPainter: Catalan, Italian, and Spanish.


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