Updated: January 13, 2018

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“Porn and fine art are not mutually exclusive. But, they do both suck.”


Well 2018 is upon us and the world hasn't ended yet, so that's good. This year I'm hoping to get my puppet show underway on YouTube (or anywhere else I can host it), so stay tuned. I would really like to get that going by February in time for a special event I have planned, but I'm not sure if I'll make it as the puppet is still under contruction. Also, February is my (and Waccoon's) 40th birthday, and I'd be kind of nice to get things in gear for the event.

I've been pretty hyped about the puppet project as the complicated eyes have come together well, and frankly, I just don't draw much anymore. Hopefully by using a puppet, I can finally start producing real content again at a decent clip. My comics have languished for quite a while simply due to the massive amount of time it takes me to draw on paper.

I've finally begun the redesign of my web site. Well, at least the gallery thumbnails show up appropriately, and I'll soon begin the process of implementing a site-wide age statement so I don't have to have such messy links all over the place. 8)

The gallery has just been overhauled so you can now post comments. At the moment guest comments are enabled, so anyone can post whatever they want. Due to the low traffic of my site I'm going to take a chance with this, but if spam becomes a problem, I'll either implement a CAPTCHA of some kind or just rethink how people “log in”. I'd like to keep things as open as possible. I have decided not to add comments to my comic strips, however. That's probably overkill as I'm not updating them anymore.

As usual, the easiest way to contact me is on the various furry art sites out there. I don't do social media or chat, and I'm rarely available for online gaming. Here's where you can find me, and if you do try to contact me on Steam or PSN, please go by your furry name (on FA preferably), as I don't just friend random strangers.

FurAffinity - Inkbunny - DeviantArt

Steam: Waccoon - PSN: Waccoon

For Sale (2018-01-01)

I still have a Minolta STsi 35mm SLR camera for sale, as well as those 16", 4×100 performance wheels and tires. Check 'em out!

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