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Wacintaki Poteto 1.6.5


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Demo (not worksafe)

Screenshots (1.3.1):
Main view
Applet Select
Canvas Preview
Resize to Window

What's New (1.6.5): A few tweaks have been made to reduce warnings and improve compatibility with PHP 7.2. Also, in case you haven't heard the news yet, ChickenPaint is now available! This is a native HTML5 app, so the older Java applets are no longer required to paint pictures. The applets are still installed by default, but it's up to the admin whether they are available to users or not.

As long as a decent HTML5 paint app is available, I'll continue to maintain Wacintaki, and there is the possibility I will clean up the messy boot system with single-point entry and templates. However, at this point, it's clear that a rewrite is not going to happen, as I have other things to do and the oekaki community (and personal web sites in general) are all but dead these days. Dang kids and their social media! 8)

Critical update for modified/legacy oekakis: If you have versions 1.5.5 through 1.5.9, it's strongly recommended that you update to the latest version (still compatible with PHP 5.2). However, if you don't want to update to the latest Wacintaki for some reason, the legacy security patch is still available. This corrects a critical security problem with versions prior to 1.5.10 which allows picture titles, comments, and passwords to be altered by guests. Only get this patch if you do not want to update to a version newer than 1.5.9.

Wacintaki Poteto is a CSS conversion of Oekaki Poteto 5.x. It is a complete Oekaki BBS that supports file uploads, both HTML5 and Java drawing apps, PMs, multiple languages, and uses minimal amounts of bandwidth.

This version is not supported by Theo Chakkapark or anyone else involved with the original Oekaki Poteto project. For technical support, please post issues with this version on the NineChime Forum.

Wax Poteto 5.9.1 (discontinued, unsupported)



Screenshots (5.4.7):
Page view

What's New: As of January 2018, Wax Poteto is no longer supported, and is provided for historical or technical reasons only. It only supports file uploads and the old Java applets, and the applets do not work in modern web browsers. If you still run a Wax Poteto board, it's strongly recommended to upgrade to Wacintaki.

To update to Wacintaki, simply download the “Full install” version above, copy and overwrite the old Wax Poteto files, and then view the board to receive update instructions.



New for 1.1.1: Updated to fix a connection problem with the 1.5.x database layer. Supports Wacintaki, Wax Poteto, PotatoPoteto, and the original OekakiPoteto.

MBackup is a script to back-up the member profiles on an OekakiPoteto or compatible oekaki board. It allows for several recovery options, and is intended as a quick, easy way to back-up your profiles, add members from other OP boards to a “master” board, or move an OP board to a new server.

It will only back-up the member profiles, not posts and comments. Use a database administration tool, like phpMyAdmin, to back-up an entire database.

OekakiBBS Import


New for 1.2.1: Updated to fix a connection problem with the 1.5.x database layer. Supports Wacintaki, Wax Poteto, and the original OekakiPoteto.

OekakiBBS Import will convert an OekakiBBS v1.32 board to an OekakiPoteto, Wax Poteto, or Wacintaki BBS. Versions of OekakiBBS older than v1.32 have not been tested.