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#1 05-29-2015 20:30:21

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oekaki - no theme creator!

i downloaded and patched to the newest version (as of yesterday), and then did a clean install on my webhost. everything went fine and everything is up and running.

however, i can't seem to find a theme creator at all. i'm not sure how to change the default look of oekaki. did i miss a file somewhere?

this is what the admin panel looks like on my oekaki, as you can see some options are missing...


#2 06-06-2015 03:16:04


Re: oekaki - no theme creator!

Sorry for the long wait... for technical reasons I didn't get a notice that a new topic was posted on the forum.

I assume you're updating from Wax Poteto to Wacintaki.  One of the biggest differences between the two boards is that Wacintaki does not have a built-in theme creator.  To make a theme, you need to edit one of the template files (such as "banana.php") manually in a text editor to change the colors, background images, and font sizes.  This requires you to know a bit of CSS, the language web browsers use to style web pages.  It's not too complicated, but if you don't know how to read colors in hex format (ex: the color red is written as #FF0000) the process can be tedious.

There are a few other templates available with a default install.  Go into the control panel and under the section "Display - General" is a drop-down menu that lets you choose about a dozen different templates.  The template that makes Wacintaki look like a Wax Poteto install is "Classic".  If you prefer a dark/black theme, choose "Winter-Purple".


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