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#1 02-14-2015 09:16:55


Which files to CHMOD during setup?

Yeah I know, I'm a total n00b, but I'm here to learn by practice...

I have my web host, I have my wacpoteto 1.5.15 downloaded, the files uploaded to my host from the oekaki folder, I have my FTP manager ready to CHMOD the files... Although I am unsure which files to CHMOD since the step-by-step instructions I've found simply mentions "the approperiate files" at most.

The "readme" that came with wacpoteto says;

Use your FTP program to CHMOD the appropriate files. If you are not sure how to do this, check the documentation that comes with your FTP utility or ask your system administrator. Use the following numbers:

775 (preferred) or 777:
   ./pictures  (or whatever pictures folder you use)
   ./templates (important for template generation)
   ./resource  (contains files that may be regularly changed by the BBS)
Normally the files in the resource folder are generated automatically. If you create them manually, use the following numbers:

If you upload config files or any pictures via FTP, note that you may have to CHMOD the files with less restrictive numbers, such as 777 for folders or 666 for files. This is because the PHP scripting language is running on a different security group than your FTP program, and thus will need more “public” permissions. This may result in other people on your server being able to access your files via a system shell, so always try to use the highest security that works properly.

...but I still don't get it. Please help - specifically which files should I CHMOD? ALso, since the readme mentions a folder for pictures, but the content of the oekaki folder doesn't contain any by default, should I create one as well?

I'm confused, and grateful for receiving an answer, thank you.

#2 02-18-2015 03:01:48


Re: Which files to CHMOD during setup?

Sorry, I really should look into replacing the Readme altogether.  Much better install instructions are in the manual: … al.html#i1

For folders, you need to set the CHMOD number to 775 for the root oekaki folder, the "resource" folder, and the "templates" folder.

All the files listed in the Readme are generated automatically by the installer, so you don't have to do anything.  The "pictures" and "avatars" folders are also created by the installer.


#3 02-18-2015 10:07:11


Re: Which files to CHMOD during setup?

You're so patient with us newbies. The manual was easy to understand and I managed to fullfill the installation, thank you!

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