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#1 06-16-2013 00:50:09


Wacintaki 1.5.14 released

It's finally available!  I admit I've been really lazy with getting the updates published.  As usual there's not much new, but e-mail notifications have finally been implemented in a way that doesn't require the control panel to be updated.

Download 1.5.14 now.  Be aware that there is now a dedicated patch just for people using 1.5.13.  If you have an older version, make sure to download the correct patch.


v1.5.14 - June 8, 2013

    - Added some extra database debugging to updater.
    - Changed updater error reporting for adding the 'edited' column in 555->556 (should be 'editedby').
    - Changed "MSN" field in profile to "Skype".
    - Reduced the anti-spam setting for sending e-mails during registration.
    - Fixed bug with registration language not being set on some PHP installations.
    - Fixed registration with blank e-mails.
    - Workaround in profile editor for Firefox autocomplete bug.  Firefox will automatically add a username into any field preceding a password field (in this case, the IRC Channel).
    - Fixed password recovery allowing blank password.
    - Updated maintenance e-mails to include the name of the oekaki, rather than "Oekaki" and "Automated Deletion" and other scripts names.
    - Fixed undefined DISABLE_EMAIL_CONFIRMATION error in UTF-8 mailer if an old hacks file is used.

    - Finally added admin e-mail notification when a person registers and manual approval is enabled.


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