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#1 09-23-2011 02:19:23


New spam bot going around

I've noticed that several Wacintaki oekakis have recently been infested with spam, my own board included.  Only the first oekaki on the main page is affected, and all comments show up as guest posts.

If your board has been affected, simply go into the control panel and disable guest posting until a new humanity test is available.

If your board has been overrun with spam -- don't panic.  You don't have to delete the affected picture.  If you're the board owner, give me a link to your board on this forum or via e-mail, and I'll give you exact instructions to get rid of the spam.  To remove the spam, you must log in as an owner, and your Wacintaki version must be at least 1.5.0.  My e-mail address is here.

I never expected the standard humanity test to be very effective, but it has worked amazingly well over the last few years, so I never bothered to develop a more sophisticated test.  I guess now would be a good time to impose some new sanity checks, too.


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