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#1 03-31-2011 16:38:19


Wax Poteto 5.8.3 released!

Once again, Wax Poteto gets a few tweaks ported from Wacintaki.  However, this time Wax gets them first, because Wacintaki 1.5.6 is still in beta.

Other than fixes, there is a major performance improvement, as the DNS host trace is now off by default.  That feature was never very useful, and often doesn't work at all.  If you want to turn it back on, you may enable it in the "hacks.php" file.

Download Wax Poteto 5.8.3 here.

And, yes, I know it's not April 1st, but... close enough.  wink


v5.8.3 - April 1, 2011

- Finally disabled DNS host lookup by default.  Almost nobody needs it, and it can severely affect load times for some members.
- ENABLE_DNS_HOST_LOOKUP added to hacks file to re-enable DNS lookup.  Use with caution.
- Manual registration approval will no longer return an e-mail warning if e-mails are turned off in the cpanel.
- Fixed problem with procedural-style MySQLi string escapement not finding the link resource.
- Fixed db_error() backtrace to be strict compliant (cannot use next() with function references).
- db_error() and db_history() now store more than one value.
- Fixed db_close() to give a proper return value.
- Fixed undefined index issue when modflags.php sends checkbox values to functions.php.
- Fixed improper exit() in humanity test in functions.php.
- Removed mod version number from boot.php.
- Fixed a few undeclared variable issues with $user.
- Memberlist will no longer search for e-mails members have masked (the memberlist would always hide results, though).
- Fixed error reporting in viewani.php to not check the size of missing animations.
- Fixed undeclared parameters in paintbbsget.php and shiget.php.
- The chat system finally sorts messages top to bottom, rather than bottom to top.
- Quoted text in comments will now parse correctly so blockquotes will always be closed.
- Fixed how Java command line options for DirectX are being passed through the applet parameters.
- Fixed an XSS vulnerability with the memberlist.
- Fixed some HTML encoding issues with stored URLs.


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