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#1 01-13-2011 17:33:19


Wax Poteto 5.8.2 released!

One of the last big updates, which includes the new database layer from Wacintaki.  It was finalized as beta on Dec. 28th, but is being officially released today.

You will need to run the updater when you patch an older version.  Just follow the on-screen instructions.

Download Wax Poteto 5.8.2 here.

Wax Poteto will get no new features.  It will, however, continue to receive bug fixes and be maintained to work with future versions of PHP.

There are a few new settings in the "hacks.php" file, so if you use it, take a look at the new one.  You can still use your old hacks file if you want.


v5.8.2 - December 28, 2010

- New config file format, database file format, and database fields.
- New database layer supports updated MySQL 5 authentication (mysqli).  MySQL compatibility should now be better in the future.
- New database error reporting makes diagnostics and installation easier.  Moving towards PostgreSQL support.
- Moved regular maintenance into "maint.php".  Todo: refactor into a cron manager.
- "hacks.php" option CUT_EMAIL moved to config file.
- Fixed bug in viewani.php where a missing animation number would not return an error message.
- Fixed "flase" param spelling error in viewani.php.  Doesn't appear to affect anything, though.
- Updated all repair scripts in documentation folder.

- Finally, the board logs IP addresses properly when people register/login (database updated).


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