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#1 09-03-2008 09:24:24


My oekaki is finally working again.

After three weeks of putting a lot of hard work on fixing all of the bugs, doing a bit of code rewriting and putting up with a lot of fuss in regards to parse errors that even made parts of my oekaki inaccessible, my five year old oekaki is back online. big_smile

+ Insomnia Oekaki +

Due to numerous changes to the coding from previous versions of Wax Poteto, all of the pictures and the comments had to be cleared I'm hoping that some of you who have never been to my oekaki can join up and draw something decent to keep the oekaki active once again.

(Heck, I'm even considering making Insomnia Oekaki my main homepage sometime in early 2009!

I'm tired. I need to get to bed.


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