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#1 05-31-2008 08:06:26


Foxfire java bug

I noticed on your products page where you mentioned Sun claimed to have fixed bug. FYI, I am using the latest version 6, update 6 and still have the issue with socket permission errors. I have to ammend my java POLICY file to use Firefox.


#2 05-31-2008 21:06:13


Re: Foxfire java bug

Blast.  I just checked up on the official Sun bug report, and came across this on the Sun forum:

linuxhippy wrote:

btw. the new plugin is only activated when using FireFox3, that may be the root cause why it does not work for you with FireFox2 all the time because it uses there the old plugin.

lg Clemens


I hope this isn't true, because it will be a while before Firefox 3 is widely deployed.

Also, people seem to be discussing the SocketPermission() errors with regards to JavaScript LiveConnect.  I know for a fact that the standard Java API causes the problem too on some servers.  It's not just a LiveConnect problem.

If my own server had this problem, I could test this more thoroughly.  I have no idea why some servers are affected, and some are not, but I do think that the LiveConnect issue is only a side-effect, and not the core of the problem.


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