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#1 04-14-2008 08:10:21

New member


A little like the system of Archives:

The mods/admins can make any category
Then select any picture and put it under one (or more, if possible) of them.
Then you can go to certain page to see all the files under that category...

Perhaps all new images goes into a default one, and then may be changed by the mods...?
They could be instantly Archived or that could be an option apart... : P

It's a common but nifty feature in almost all galleries or even image uploading sites, and I think it would be awesome with this kind of boards big_smile

This way your oekaki could grow lots and lots and STILL make the users feel comfortable in a small part of the Oe specially made for whatever they may be into... or could even be made into a oekaki-blog, since you could file themes... or add contest features, monthly themes, etc...

I dunno, I think it's a versatile option, but I don't know how hard or easy it may be to code... .///.


#2 04-15-2008 02:04:05


Re: Categories

Like many features, it's actually pretty easy to add the code.  The problem is the interface, specifically, what to do if an admin removes a category that has already been in effect for a while.  I would assume that people might change categories on a rather frequent basis, and that could lead to a lot of orphaned tags.  There would have to be at least some defaults.

What kind of categories did you have in mind (just as some random suggestions)?


#3 04-15-2008 03:15:21

New member

Re: Categories

Mmm.... I'm afraid I'm not that (or any xD) sure of how it works, but maybe...? If you do just one invisible default category?

Like... they are all automatically in category [0] when they are posted but it isn't listed anywhere.
Then the admin creates category "1" and is able to change any picture form zero to "1". Those who are in "1" are posted in certain page which IS listed (as if it was the first category, when it really is the second one).
To avoid orphan pigs which would hold the "1", there could be a an option that resets all "1"s to [0].

That I'm not sure if is possible : P to reset them all with just one order, else it would have to be done manually, one by one. That way if you make a new category "1" it won't add by mistake the old "1"s, not would afect other categories is there was the option to post images in more than one...

or maybe I'm just saying non-sences...? >///< I apologyze if I am. I'm kinda thinking in flash language.

smile Well, I guess most people will think different form me but...  As for my self I could include something like...

Sketchs, In process, Finished, Hall of Fame
(as a standard divition)

or: Anime, Realistic, Cartoons, Doodles, Backgrounds.
(if it's big enought to have to divide the users)

or just five categories I could rename for the frontpage:
[01]Cats, [02]Ferrets, [03]Frogs, [04]Snakes, [05]Racoons, [06]Others
(if it's a themed board [animals] and I just one to list the most popular ones)

Aside from that: thanks for listen to me!! big_smile


#4 04-16-2008 06:41:02


Re: Categories

I'm trying to think up how this would be used in real-world practice.  Broadly, there's two ways to do it.

The first way is with an index system, which is the method you're describing.  An admin selects a fixed number of categories, and people view and set categories via a drop-down list.  The advantage is that it's clean to code and easy to search and filter.  However, only the set categories are allowed.  That's great for things like "sketch", "backgrounds", "photorealism', and the like.  So long as the number of categories isn't too large, that works pretty well.  That's not so good for minuscule classification, like "dog", "cat", "frogs", where there could be many categories, and preselecting them is a challenge.

The second way is with keywords.  This would work like a standard search system where people could use one of a few standard categories, or they could set their own.  That would work best with your animal board, where there could be hundreds of possibilities.  It would also be possible to select more than one.  However, searching would require typing.  It would be possible to make a drop-down list of "popular" categories, but that would require frequent re-caching, which would be time consuming for me to implement (and would be best reserved for an image gallery, rather than an oekaki).

I like the index method.  It's clean and minimal, which fits with the spirit of oekaki.  So, how would the search work?  My guess is that it would have to be done on a separate page.  Having all those options on the index page would clutter the interface.


#5 04-16-2008 08:14:59

New member

Re: Categories

I wouldn't mind seeing this in action.  Setting up Categories is a good idea.


#6 04-16-2008 23:42:10

New member

Re: Categories

i've always mistrusted tags. They are so random, so open, so messy... The same thing told a hundred diferent ways, or incomplete ideas just flooding the space... I don't think you'll ever be able to reunite all the fans of a something because they would be all under dozens little fragment. (And I think that would be the goal we're looking here xD)

Yeah, I honestly think categories would be the best for an Oekaki. Even if they aren't infinite, somehow people isn't expecting hundreds of it (like in blogs, tidy little categories) and they will work fine. I mean, if they DO want the category option, every owner will have in mind what they wish to separate.

I agree, but, if anything, I'd prefer it to be directly on the navigation bar (like Online, or Draw, with Pop-up or redirection to the listed categories and description, avatar, rules, mod, or whatever.) instead of in a sub-menu like animations and Archive. Perhaps it's just me but I think that, once the users get accustomed to it, they will really rely in that option (since is like having several themed oekakis in one).

and, just to say something... I don't know if categories work sending the order of "posting in" or "allow to be showed in" but to make multiple (counted) categories. (Let say 3 :P why would you need more?) you could always put 3 menus for them to choose.

A : 1
B : 2
C : [left in blank] 0

If category 1 is deleted (reseted to 0) the pic still would hold on to 2

But if the order is "posting in" this won't work, because if someone puts category 2 in ALL the field (there is always one of those) it would be posted 3 times. If it "allows to be showed" then it won't mather because is just a permision.

mmm.... .... But things can get bad from here :P (could spoil the wac users xD)

Again, thanks for hearing me :D

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#7 01-21-2009 11:15:16

Wondering A

Re: Categories

Hello there. Just wondering, is this feature going to happen, or has it been dropped...?

#8 01-21-2009 17:22:19


Re: Categories

this would be an amazing feature.
i hope it gets made


#9 02-06-2009 11:11:58


Re: Categories

Category gets deleted, this happens.

UPDATE picture_category SET picture_category='none' WHERE picture_category='category_deleted'

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