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#1 03-21-2005 02:18:18


Post guidelines... Please Read!

I'm open to all ideas, just for the sake of discussion, as you never know what direction I might take with future versions of Wacintaki or some other script on which I'm working.  Please realize, though, that PHP is merely a hobby for me at the moment, and I have no intention of rewriting everything from scratch, and in some cases, such drastic measures are required for seemingly trivial features.

I may not reply to all posts here, but I will certainly read them.

Please be aware that the oekaki applets themselves are not exactly top-flite code.  Many features are not possible with these applets without making the control panels disasterously complicated.

Code may be directly posted here, but please try to keep threads from getting too long.  Pseudocode may help keep the bloat down.

Please don't be offended if I refuse help with my scripts, too.  I change my mind a lot when programming and frequently change lots of files, which makes for a bad group project.  I would want to start a new project from scratch if a group project seems feasable.  It's probably more for your sanity than my own!  Really.  smile

If a thread is closed, I have a very good reason for doing so.  In the unlikely event that a thread is closed, do not start another discussion, or you may be banned.


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