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#1 07-08-2006 17:36:40


Post Guidelines... Please Read!

This forum is for Wax Poteto and OekakiPoteto only.  Wacintaki has very different internals and is thus subject to different installation and maintenance issues.

When asking a question, please state which version of Wax Poteto or OekakiPoteto you are using.

Also, please state whether you are using an upgraded OekakiPoteto or a fresh install of Wax Poteto.

It helps a lot if you provide a link to your oekaki, or at least your website, though for privacy reasons, you may omit it unless you cannot get a satifactory answer to your question.

If you have made any modifications to Wax Poteto even if you believe they are unrelated to your problem, please say so in your post.  This keeps people from mentioning things like line numbers and other things that may not be consistent with your board.

If possible, list some solutions that you have already tried, including issues mentioned in other posts.



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