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Replica MCT DODEKAL ONE D110 Titanium watch Review

Replica MCT DODEKAL ONE D110 Titanium watch Review

Buy Replica MCT DODEKAL ONE - D110 Titanium watch Review

Item Type: Replica MCT watches DODEKAL ONE

Case Material: Titanium

Brand Name: MCT Watches

Water Resistance Depth: life proof water

Movement: Self Winding/Automatic

Dial Diameter: 42.00mm x 42.00mm

Clasp Type: Deployment Buckle

Boxes: common box package without paper

Gender: male

Band Material Type: Calfskin

Model Number: DODEKAL ONE - D110

Functions: Hours, Minutes

Replica HYT H1 AIR RC44 148-AB-52-GF-TB watch Take a look at the HYT H2, the second watch created by the brand, with the typical V-shaped bellows and the entirely skeletonized movement, visible from the front. I dare anyone to call it classic or traditional . Maybe, in 20 years from now, after the major brands change their style to something similar, we ll call it a classic watch but I doubt it. So what s the purpose of the HYT H2 Tradition? Being a (more) classic watch. So, should we expect this novelty to be just another hand-driven display? No, the HYT H2 Tradition is still an HYT, meaning that the display relies on the use of fluids, inserted in a capillary, to indicate the hours (Just like in every single watch from the brand). So what is classic in this watch? Some visual elements, which rely on the traditional codes of watchmaking.What changes on the HYT H2 Tradition, compared to a normal H2? Not the case, that still measure a massive 48.8mm and that is made of titanium, with here a light anthracite grey PVD coating on the central container. The display and the use of bellows and capillary filed with 2 liquids? Neither. These typical HYT elements are still in place. In fact, two main points or evolution are visible: the finish of the movement and the dial, and the display and the position of certain technical elements. The first thing to notice is the presence of sub-dials. Previously, the HYT H2 only featured a central hand to display the minutes, via a sapphire ring just next to the liquid-filed tube - see here for details. With the HYT H2 Tradition, the brand goes back to something more classical with two sub-dials, one for the minutes and one for the seconds - a bit like in the H1 by the way, something that at first made me thought I was in front of a new type of H1 and not of H2.This new display is however not without incidence on the movement itself. In order to leave some room for these new timing features, the balance wheel (that used to be located at 12) has been re-centrered. This shift meant a large part of the movement s design had to be overhauled (especially the gear train that had to be re-designed), a step achieved HYT s partners, APRP (Audemars-Piguet Renaud-Papi, designers of the HYT H2 movement). For the rest, the movement remains technically identical, both for the pure horological part (with its 8 days power reserve and the crown-poisiton indication) as well as for the fluidic part.

Richard Mille RM 050 watches The skeletonisation of the movement includes also the large winding barrel, the going train and the high-efficiency platinum rotor.The free sprung balance with variable inertia guarantees greater reliability when subjected to shock and also during the assembling and disassembling of the movement, for better chronometric results over time. Since there is not a regulator index, the adjustment is performed thanks to 4 small adjustable weights located directly on the balance.The open worked dial includes a date display at 5 o'clock and a function indicator at 2 o'clock. As the crown is pulled out, each position is indicated via a hand allowing one to see which function is selected: W for winding, D for date setting and and H for hand setting.With its asymmetrical case and skeleton movement, the Richard Mille RM 61-01 Yohan Blake is a real eye-catcher.The model dedicated to the Jamaican sprinter is also available in a 50 pieces limited edition, called Monochrome, which is characterised by the contrast between black and white. The case of the RM 61-01 Yohan Blake Monochrome is created using a black TZP-N ceramic with a beautiful matte surface finish and a caseband in NTPT carbon.TZP-N ceramic combines extreme resistance to scratches with a very low coefficient of thermal conductivity. It also allows for a perfect finish with brushing or microblasting and hand polished anglage.The unique appearance of NTPT carbon depends on the fact that it is composed of multiple layers of parallel filaments obtained by dividing carbon fibers. These layers are then impregnated with resin and woven on a special machine that modifies the direction of the weft by 45 between layers. Heated to 120 C at a pressure of 6 bars, the NTPT is then processed on a CNC machine in Richard Mille s ProArt case factory.The white flying bridges, interior lower flange, crown rubber and strap create the appealing monochrome aesthetic.


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