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#1 08-24-2017 00:46:16

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Horizontal Fiber Optic Termination Box is closed to look

DOME fiber closure specially designed external equipment base for fiber distribution boxsplicing and termination. The split base design of the base allows the circular cutting of the fiber optic cable for cross-over access and terminates up to 48 tap cables using the SC duplex adapter.

The optical splitter used in this product is a melt biconical design and is housed in a lower splice tray. The base includes a 24-fiber splice tray and all the hardware required to secure the three cables. This design also applies to cross-connect applications, saving the cost of a separate cabinet.

In fact, in addition to underground applications, the DOME fiber closure is also used for air-stranded FTTH "faucet" position where the droplet cable is connected to the distribution cable. It is usually used for outdoor fiber optic cables, providing space for splicing together with outdoor cables.

The fiber optic connector closure and the internal fiber tray will protect the splice part of the spliced fiber and outdoor cable. Typically, the fiber optic connector closure is of a horizontal and dome type (also known as a vertical type). The horizontal type is higher than the vertical type (dome type).

The horizontal Fiber Optic Termination Box is closed to look like a flat or cylindrical box that provides space and protection for splicing and splicing of fiber optic cables. They can be installed in antennas, buried or underground applications.


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