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#1 08-15-2016 14:05:39


Problem Update 1.6.4 (From 1.6.1)

After update errors are:

Notice: Undefined index: HTTP_ACCEPT_ENCODING in /home/******/public_html/oekaki/boot.php on line 905

And underneath it is it shows what is running SQL

That could be ?


#2 08-16-2016 03:44:19


Re: Problem Update 1.6.4 (From 1.6.1)

That's odd.  I thought that name was always defined by PHP.

Here's a patch (2 files) that should fix the problem on your install:

The main update patches have also been hotfixed.


#3 08-16-2016 05:33:04


Re: Problem Update 1.6.4 (From 1.6.1)

First problem solved. Thanks!

Down the page is still showing the execution of SQL queries.


Time     SQL
0.00059     SELECT miscstring FROM op_oekakimisc WHERE miscname='dbversion'
0.00028     SELECT * FROM op_oekakicache WHERE name='lang_names'
0.00020     SELECT * FROM op_oekakicache WHERE name='lang_http_accept'
0.00035     DELETE FROM op_oekakionline WHERE (DATE_ADD(onlinetime, INTERVAL 15 MINUTE) < NOW())
0.00021     DELETE FROM op_oekakionline WHERE (DATE_ADD(onlinetime, INTERVAL 1 MINUTE) < NOW()) AND locale='chat'
0.00097     SELECT ID, usrname, email FROM op_oekaki WHERE (usrflags='P') AND (DATE_ADD(joindate, INTERVAL 15 DAY) <= NOW()) LIMIT 0, 3
0.00080     SELECT PIC_ID, usrname FROM op_oekakidta WHERE postlock=0 AND (DATE_ADD(postdate, INTERVAL 30 DAY) <= NOW()) LIMIT 0, 5
0.00030     SELECT COUNT(onlineusr) FROM op_oekakionline
0.00020     SELECT COUNT(onlineusr) FROM op_oekakionline WHERE locale='chat'
0.00028     SELECT COUNT(MID) FROM op_oekakimailbox WHERE reciever='' AND mstatus=0
0.00094     SELECT ID_2 FROM op_oekakidta AS d WHERE postlock=1 ORDER BY postdate DESC

What I can do?


#4 08-17-2016 00:30:29


Re: Problem Update 1.6.4 (From 1.6.1)

Re-download and apply the patch again (  I forgot up include the correct version of the hacks file.  I'm really sorry about that.

As its name would imply, the "hacks" file isn't a good idea.  It will be disappearing soon.


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