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#1 08-13-2016 04:45:31


Wacintaki 1.6.4 released

Yes, finally... we have an HTML5 drawing app for Wacintaki!  ChickenPaint is a web browser port of the old ChibiPaint program that's been bundled with Wacintaki for several years, and it appears to work very well and is under active development.

Head on over to the products download page to get it.

Now that Java is quickly becoming obsolete, the move to HTML5 is a must.  I'd like to give a huge amount of thanks to TheNickDude for his awesome contribution to the oekaki community.  Nick was also kind enough to make a slight change to the program, at my request, so it works better with Wacintaki, as my BBS only allows one submission per session.  In the future, I hope to change Wacintaki to fully support ChickenPaint's really nice, built-in safety-save feature.

There's a few other fixes, and the board now works correctly on PHP 5.2 again.

Please note that the old Java applets are still bundled with Wacintaki and enabled by default.  They probably will be for some time, but a future update will disable them by default and board owners will have the option to re-enable them.  You can disable them right now by changing a value in the "hacks.php" file, and a proper control panel setting will be implemented soon.  You can also simply delete the .JAR files of any applets you do not want anymore.  There's not much point to keeping ChibiPaint around, for example.


v1.6.4 - August 13, 2016:

- Wacintaki supports PHP 5.2 again (tested).
- NiftyToo autolinking is now more robust and has improved handling of punctuation.
- Some SQL errors are now logged to the syslog instead of the internal log system.
- Changed usage of func_get_args() in common.php to aid PHP backward compatibility.
- Added hacks setting to disable support for all Java applets (will change to cfg setting later).

- NiftyToo autolinking fixed for HTTPS protocol.
- Fixed undefined $quiet_mode variable in db_layer.php (broken in 1.6.0).
- Fixed undefined $outerrow variable in profile.php.
- Fixed undefined $import_info variable in comment.php.

- Added support for ChickenPaint HTML5 app.  Woohoo!
- Added HRTimer support for Windows servers (requires HRTimer for PHP and must be manually enabled in db_layer.php).

- mail() wrapper now sets "Return-path" so automatic mails that bounce should return to the admin e-mail address, not the automailer.  Not all hosts or recipient clients support this.


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