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#1 12-16-2015 18:18:47


My oekaki keeps going down & it doesn't appear to be a server problem?

Just as the title says. My oekaki is routinely going down every hour or so for a while and then popping back up.
All we'll get is a message that says an admin should check the oekaki log.
I've checked everything and I can't find problems and then miraculously my oekaki will just go back up after a bit.
It's important to note the website that the oekaki is on doesn't go down, just the oekaki itself.

Here's the url (with spaces, sorry) : ht t phmm/pa oekaki/wacpoteto-1.6.3%20(1) /oekaki/ inde x.php

If you can't find anything, I'm willing to give my login for my host website so you can look or any other info you need.

#2 12-19-2015 07:04:43


Re: My oekaki keeps going down & it doesn't appear to be a server problem?

Sorry for the late reply.  I'll send you an e-mail to make sure you know I've replied.

This is a problem with the database.  For some reason the board is randomly losing its connection with the database after it connects.  The oekaki can be vague about these errors as the logging system depends on a functioning database connection.  So, no database... no logs.

I have a beta version of 1.6.4 that you can try, which includes a change to log some types of database errors:

The problem is that you'll have to check the error log yourself, and how this is done depends on how your web host is set up.  Checking the error log is not done within Wacintaki, but in your sever control panel.  After uploading this patch and then next time your board goes down, log into your server's control panel and look for a section named "errors" or "error log".  If your server uses the CPanel administration system, the error log is found under the "Metrics" section, which is also where you can check your bandwidth usage and number of visitors.


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