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#1 10-05-2015 14:32:19

New member

Database name vs. database host name ?

Hi all,

first~ thanks for all of the work. i grew up using oekaki and I'm glad other people love it enough to keep it happening.


I noticed 2 problem points for me , I'm going through the user manual and taking it step by step

When looking to CHMOD files in "resources", I didn't find the files mentioned so I just left it undone- I thought maybe those files will be generated after other parts are complete?

I was uploading the "oekaki" folder only, to the directory and the resource folder contained only 4 files.


next problem / related issue is : I could run the installer in the browser, but I think I'm still not getting what my MYSQL database name actually is.

here's what the installer says after I try for it :

Wrote database config file.

Notice: Undefined index: quiet_mode in /home/moriwalts/public_html/REALCHAN/oekaki/db_layer.php on line 56

Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /home/moriwalts/public_html/REALCHAN/oekaki/install.php:113) in /home/moriwalts/public_html/REALCHAN/oekaki/db_layer.php on line 57
Database name "3DG3Y" is invalid.

and, going to the oekaki after that it just cant connect to the MYSQL database.

So obviously I have some foundation knowledge missing but if anyone has advice for me I would really appreciate troubleshooting or tips !

Thanks hope everyone is having fun



#2 10-05-2015 15:00:34

New member

Re: Database name vs. database host name ?

update ~ as per usual more troubleshooting and panic is over hahaha.

THANK YOU WACCOON!!! I was a lil fur bby in the early 90s and lookit me now.

yeaaaaay ~


#3 10-07-2015 19:56:02


Re: Database name vs. database host name ?

I'll take another look at the install directions and see if they need to be edited.

BTW, the "undefined index" error message is due to a bug in the installer.  I'll be sure to fix that in the next release.



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