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#1 08-21-2015 05:28:31


Wax Poteto 5.9.1

This release makes some much-needed changes to the NiftyToo (BBCode) system which not only improves compatibility, but also improves performance.  A few other niggling things have been fixed.

Head on over to the products download page to get 5.9.1.

For people who have extensively modified their boards, it's worth nothing that the new "niftytoo.php" file is a drop-in replacement for the old one and can be used as-is.  This updated file is highly recommended as it replaces a deprecated feature that will be completely removed in PHP 7, which will otherwise render Wax inoperable.  As far as I know, there are no other updates required to get the board working on PHP 7, but I'll still release another patch if such changes are necessary.  I'm also aware that the old MySQL API will be removed from PHP 7, and have added a test to the code not to use that API with that version of PHP.  If you've modified your board and are still using the old "mysql_query()" functions and such, please update your code to the comparable "db_query()" functions, as the hacks setting FORCE_MYSQL_API will no longer work in the future.


v5.9.1 - August 21, 2015:

- Wax Poteto now requires PHP 5.3 or higher.
- Updated NiftyToo (BBCode) system to be PHP7 compatible:
    Replaced deprecated preg_replace /e modifier with callbacks.
    Removed $mode function parameter as it was always > 0.
- Performance improvement for NiftyToo system (about 3-4 times faster).
- Support for the "_target" HTML attribute in autolinks dropped.
- Some minor cleanup to the database layer and its error masking.

- NiftyToo now handles the [s] BBCode tag corectly, and this tag is now case insensitive.
- Fixed NiftyToo so autolinked URLs may contain apostrophes.  Many valid URLs still will not work.
- SQL time in footer wasn't actually being set, always resulting in a time of zero.
- Fixed two untranslated error messages in functions.php.
- Moved password field in register.php to avoid the Firefox password auto-complete bug.


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