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#1 08-07-2015 03:24:15


Wacintaki 1.6.2 released

1.6.2 fixes a problem with user-selected templates and languages not being set properly, which was broken by the code cleanup in 1.6.0.  Also, a few other little things have been fixed.

I've also finally fixed some of the badly-written JavaScript, and the gradient tool in NoteBBS now shows color previews and updates the palette instantly after a change.

If you already have 1.6.0 or newer, download the 1.6.0 to 1.6.2 update

... or visit the product download page for all other archives.


v1.6.2 - August 7, 2015

- Small cleanup to parameters array with PaintBBS/ShiBBS applet capture code.
- Adjusted report_err() hack to exclude HTTP_RAW_POST_DATA.
- Cleaned up some of the JavaScript to work in scrict mode and fixed a bitwise operator bug.
- Finally fixed the NoteBBS gradient tool so it will reset the drop-down values correctly after applying a gradient.

- User-selected templates and languages were not being applied correctly.  Globals are bad, m'kay?
- Applet capture code would return untranslated error messages if no picture data was received.

- NoteBBS gradient tool now has color previews.
- Board now recognizes (but does not support) WebP image uploads.  PHP does not support WebP natively, so I have to complete my own WebM parser.


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