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#1 05-12-2015 03:48:19


WaxPoteto 5.9.0 released!

Surprise!  Yes, against my better judgement, I've decided to make one last major update to WaxPoteto.  It's still strongly recommended to upgrade to Wacintaki, but for those stuck with ancient web hosts running a flavor of PHP4 and the "old" MySQL API, this update brings a few of the modernizations, fixes, and performance improvements of Wacintaki 1.6.0.

Most people still using WaxPoteto seem to have extensively modified their boards.  If this is the case with yours, it's probably not worth the trouble to rework your mods for this new release.  Bugfixes in 5.9.0 are minimal.  Still, it's worth checking out the history.txt file to see the changes.

Head on over to the products download page to get it.


v5.9.0 - May 12, 2015:

- Last major version.  WaxPoteto is officially discontinued, but may get a few bugfixes.
- Upgrade to Wacintaki recommended.

- Upload access is enabled by default in the installer.
- Finally converted BBS to use OekakiID rather than OekakiU for all authorization and cookies.
- Updated all applet code to eliminate $OekakiU and updated boot to salvage login details from multiple sources.
- Some syntactic cleanup, such as removing trailing "?>", fixing capitalization, alignment issues, etc.
- $user and $flags arrays now cascade, allowing for cleaner defaults.
- Finally using SQL LEFT JOINS for avatars on index page.  Cuts number of SQL queries roughly in half.
- Replaced badly-written PHP version detection with version_compare().
- Microtime handling improved with proper string casting.
- New password hashing using Blowfish if available and Extended DES as a fallback.
- Oekaki automatically updates old password hashes to the strength defined in boot.php.
- Random salt generator for passwords.  Uses mcrypt, openssl, or /dev/urandom/ if available and a decent fallback for Windows.
- Password detection no longer relies on config salt, so salt may be changed.
- Salt removed from installer and is now set automatically during installation (and is virtually useless).
- report_err() now includes "error.php" rather than using a HTTP redirect.  This solves many technical and usability problems compared to passing error messages via CGI.
- Added experimental "X_DISABLE_REPORT_ERR_HACK" to boot to disable the report_err() hack.  Use this if your custom header isn't working with the new error reporting.
- Removed multiple tries from applet picture save code -- potential DDoS vector.
- Added constants to replace mailbox status numbers.
- Debug config no longer overlaps with specific hacks.

- Fixed undeclared debug variable in the updater.
- age_to_date(): fixed problem with $_GLOBALS being confused with $GLOBALS.
- Fixed ability to log in through alternate interface if browser JavaScript is disabled.

- Many PHP 5.3+ enhancements.
- Page load time now shows SQL time.
- Diagnostics page now shows avatar stats as well as deprecated salt setting.
- Board now recognizes (but does not support) WebP image uploads.


#2 05-13-2015 22:50:57


Re: WaxPoteto 5.9.0 released!

Thank you so much for the update! I'm gonna try to update my WaxPoteto oekaki site from 5.8.9 to version 5.9.0.

It's a shame to see that this is going to be the last major update for WaxPoteto. If I get into problems upgrading to WaxPoteto 5.9.0, I'll let you know in a upcoming forum post. smile


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