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#1 07-21-2013 23:39:07

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ReCaptcha Mod

I've changed the PHP around in Wacintaki to allow for ReCaptcha and thought I would share it, since the current human verification is a bit unacceptable.


The Zip file above contains 4 files. Extract them to a folder so you can make your edits.

1. Register your site domain on Recaptcha
Once you have done that, you will get two strings, a public key, and a private key.
2. Open captchaconfig.php in your favorite text editor.
3. Put in the public key, and private key where it tells you to.
It should look like this:
$captcha_public_key = "sashdtSTHSI52fshts325hst2H2StidurkRO24j2htsT";
$captcha_private_key = "sd5TFh5w2325swhsth238sh5TH%5h5Hh5sH5i5lq";
or something similar.
4. Save the file, and upload them to your site!

I would recommend you backup the old register.php and functions.php files, just in case!



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