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#1 05-01-2013 22:03:21



Slight problem, I try running a webclient and it gives me incompatible-magic-value-1008813135 in class file loader...
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#2 05-02-2013 03:18:16


Re: incompatible-magic-value-1008813135

You may want to look at this thread from a while ago: Incompatible Magic Value

Generally, this is a problem with the hosting service, and may either have to do with how they handle advertisements, or they may actually be blocking Java altogether.  If it's ad related, you can try uploading a file to the server that will attempt to bypass the ads on the Java files.  If that doesn't work, you may have to ask your hosting service to unblock JAR files so the applets can run.

If you provide a link to your oekaki (either here or in an e-mail to me) I can take a look at how your server handles Java.


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