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#1 10-21-2012 00:00:59


Wax Poteto 5.8.9 released

Yes, Wax Poteto is still getting an occasional update, and this time we have some new features.  GZIP compression support is especially important with Wax because it has a lot more cruft in it than Wacintaki, including embedded CSS.  Pages will be much smaller now, and should also load faster.

Download it here


v5.8.9 - October 20, 2012

- Fixed profile viewer trying to show a user name that does not exist.
- Fixed unclosed HTML anchor tag in error.php.

- Finally added GZip compression which should help considerably with bandwidth and download speed.
- Added hacks options to disable and configure GZip compression.
- Superadmins and owners may now change the user names of accounts.


#2 11-22-2012 00:20:21


Re: Wax Poteto 5.8.9 released

Thank you for posting the update, Wac.

In lines 34 to 37 of profile.php, there's already code that I implemented a couple of years before the update was applied.


if (db_num_rows ($result) < 1) {
    // No profile
    report_err('No profile found.', TRUE);

This prevents the profile viewer from attempting to show a username that is non-existent.

Is there a better way to stop the profile viewer from showing a username that doesn't exist?


#3 11-22-2012 02:27:31


Re: Wax Poteto 5.8.9 released

I don't like using report_err() with floating windows, because some web browsers don't render the navigation bar correctly and you can't easily go back to the previous page.

Realistically, there's no security issue here, and nobody will get the wrong profile unless they are messing with the CGI input, so I never bothered putting a lot of extra code into the page to print an error message.


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