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#1 01-18-2012 00:02:42


Oekaki via Tumblr

Would it be possible to host an oekaki board on Tumblr, using Tumblr's built-in member/contributor management system and Tumblr API to post pictures from applets, etc.?

Since my current board is in a subdomain owned by someone else who is changing their web host and domain name, and I enjoy stretching my little (or, very little) knowledge of PHP, I was considering switching to Tumblr to make something more lightweight for my users that was also integrated with a major social blogging site.

I have a basic comprehension of what Wacintaki's PHP files do and how they interact with the MySQL tables and the files on the server, and if I read through them I have an idea of what each line does, but I have no idea how to use the Tumblr API or if it would even be usable for this project.

Any advice?

#2 01-19-2012 05:37:06


Re: Oekaki via Tumblr

I don't think I'll be of much help, here, since I know nothing about Tumblr.  However, you may want to look into the old PhpBB mod in this thread:

My impression is that integrating with a programmable social network would be much easier than with a forum like PhpBB.


#3 01-19-2012 08:13:41


Re: Oekaki via Tumblr

Thank you, I'll look into that. Although, this project is a bit different from what I'm trying to do, as I'm also trying to use Tumblr to host and display the pictures (rather than having the oekaki as a section of the Tumblr blog).

I'll try asking in the Tumblr developer area too.

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