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#1 11-14-2011 00:30:26


Wax Poteto 5.8.7 released

Download it here

This is a critical update to resolve an issue with the new MySQL 5.5 syntax.  The installer will now work again.  There was also a problem where the index would not redirect to the installer in some cases.

Some progress has been made on the animation playback issues, so (at least on AMD video cards), screen corruption should no longer be an issue.

I still have not made any progress on the animation corruption issues, though this does not seem to happen on SSL signed applets, so it's almost certainly a Java bug.


v5.8.7 - November 13, 2011

- Finally fixed problem with animation viewer showing corruption.  This was yet another DirectX accleration issue.
- Fixed undeclared config and guest variables in chatbox.php, as well as  missing URL field.
- Fixed cookie handling for guest comments in chat room.
- Fixed installer to make MySQL 5.5 happy (removed display width suffix on TIMESTAMP).
- Fixed new board not redirecting to the installer in some cases.
- Added permissions check to installer for "avatars" folder.
- Updated .htaccess files in documentation folder to help with JAR file issues.


#2 11-25-2011 04:19:29


Re: Wax Poteto 5.8.7 released

Hey there Waccoon! My girlfriend was trying to download wax poteto 5.8.7 and she noticed that your link to the zip file is broken! The link goes to wax-5.8.6 which doesn't exist so you get a 404 page

Just wanted to let you know - keep up the wonderful work! :3

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#3 11-27-2011 20:09:54


Re: Wax Poteto 5.8.7 released

Fixed.  I have a broken link pretty much every version update!  sad


#4 12-08-2011 10:14:46


Re: Wax Poteto 5.8.7 released

Really : D ?

Well done *-* ! It's almost one year since i'm using wacintaki and it keeps impressing me :3 ! I'm trying to build a new design for 2012 ^w^

#5 12-08-2011 10:30:12


Re: Wax Poteto 5.8.7 released

sorry for double post, i mean wax* (Going to create an account to edit next time)

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