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#1 10-28-2011 17:46:36


Image Reply Inside Thread

Hey Wac, long time no see!  I got the oekaki itch again and have been shopping around for different scripts.  There's yours and there's poti board:

Poti is based on imageboard scripting, where a "thread" is opened and people can reply with text and an attached image, this time being a drawn oekaki.

I was wondering if this could be implemented into Wacintaki as either an option or a native behavior.

Instead of public/passworded images getting worked on and the result bumped to the top, it would instead be under the original picture as a reply.

This would make things more logical in the sense of the discussion:

1. Here is a party hat! *picture of party hat*
2. Here is my character in a party hat!
3. *Party hat rule 34*
4.*Picture of another character in a party hat*

So on and so forth.

Themes can be in their own thread.  Redline requests would stick with the original image and people can further edit without having to "open" a new thread with another picture bumped to the top.

See, I want to create a roleplay oekaki where one can draw the scene and action they are posing in text, or just post the image, and continue on further like a round robin game.  Poti would work great for this, but I'd have to translate the whole thing, install spam protection (looking at akismet) and pass protect the whole thing with .htaccess.  It would, frankly, be easier if Wacintaki came with this behavior already without having to reinvent the wheel on a few things.

Hope to hear your thoughts.


#2 10-29-2011 05:03:11


Re: Image Reply Inside Thread

The threading system is totally different, and therefore would require a complete rewrite.


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