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#1 09-06-2011 00:39:05


Wax Poteto 5.8.6 released

Patch for 5.8.2 and newer
Other downloads

Very minor changes this time, though there was a problem with the adult flag not verifying a member's age when changing the birthday in the profile editor.

The new diagnostic stuff can be ignored if you're having no problems with your server.

I've made no progress on the broken animation issue, and from what I can tell, Oracle Java is now causing some new problems with other peoples' software, though I haven't identified any new issues with the oekaki applets.  Let's hope things stay that way.


v5.8.6 - September 6, 2011

- Database layer now supports field names in db_result().  Works ONLY with mysql, not mysqli.  Use ONLY for legacy support!
- Fixed rare problem with partial update when doing a manual update (mixing Wacintaki and Wax config files).
- Fixed problem with debugger in updater ($wactest).
- The profile editor will now ignore the adult flag if the submitted age is less than MIN_AGE_ADULT.

- New hacks file option to force a specific MySQL API.  Useful for when you need to import database code from another part of your web site into the banner/notice/etc.


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