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Starting a Self-Hosted Website the Right Way

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Choosing and buying your domain name

I was very surprised to learn that this is not a simple matter to Internet gurus. I learned from their e-books that you even have to do extensive searching to get the right domain name for your site! Example: If your site is about gardening and your name is Greta, you might name your site but you still have to search if that name is available. And the experts even have laborious but sensible tips on how to get your perfect domain name. I was lucky again that I didn't have to do a tiresome research for my domain name.

Choosing your domain host

It gets more delicate now but the short of it is if you're still unsure of the success of your chosen niche, use free hosting first. But be careful. Most free hosting sites are scams.

Now let's assume that you created your own site for monetizing so you will now have to solicit sponsors and advertisers. The main thing is to choose ads that conform to your category or niche just like choosing the domain name that fits your niche. I mean you wouldn't get an advertiser for technology if your niche is fashion. So many bloggers commit this mistake taking all advertisers that come their way thinking it would earn them more. The lesser the ads on your site the better (by the way, this is a disadvantage on free hosting since you will not be in total control of the ads). Too many ads will turn off your visitors. Keep in mind that majority of them are surely not dumb.


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