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#1 12-30-2010 21:03:47


Wacintaki 1.5.5 released

Yes, I've been busy as of late.  smile

A few little tweaks here and there this time around, which includes a new config file, because some of the "hacks" settings have been moved to the config file.  You will need to run the updater to patch the board.  The hacks settings, if set, should be automatically copied to the config file.

A new feature is "private oekaki".  People will need to register or log in to use the oekaki.  This is not recommended if you have only one board, but it is good for making sure only registered members can access an "elite" board.

Please note that the "private" feature won't prevent people from snooping around inside the pictures directory.  A persistent person can still view pictures by guessing filenames.

Download Wacintaki 1.5.5 here.  The "Patch for 1.5.0 and newer" is still the smallest and easiest patch, so get that if possible.


v1.5.5 - December 30, 2010

- New config file format.
- "hacks.php" options CUT_EMAIL and ALLOW_ADDITIONAL_WIPS moved to config file.
- Fixed bug in viewani.php where a missing animation number would not return an error message.
- Fixed "flase" param spelling error in viewani.php.  Doesn't appear to affect anything, though.
- Board will not send e-mails when flushing accounts over 1 year old.
- Fixed avatars not being deleted with auto kill feature (was fine in Wax Poteto, though!)
- HTML meta data now shows current date instead of oekaki release date.
- Added many new entries into language files, including error messages from "functions.php".
- Streamlined installer a bit.
- Corrected "unsupported version" bug in updater when trying to verify a successful update.
- Updated all repair scripts in documentation folder.

- Private oekaki feature now blocks most content unless a person registers or logs in.  Changes mostly to "header.php".


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