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#1 07-02-2010 15:34:29

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Wacintaki Commision - the phpBB3 monster meets art

Hello! smile

I sent you an email several months ago, but didn't get any reply, so I'll try my luck on the board shere.
I've been happily using your fantastic Wacintaki doodling software for years now and have grown very fond of it.
I would like in that occasion to personally thank you for making such an amazing software and for continuing to keep it updated and secure! big_smile

The version I have been using was the slightly modified version by Niko, which made it possible to integrate your Wacintaki with the phpbb forum software. This permitted the use of the same user account information from the forum on the Wacintaki board, preventing the users from having to create two separate accounts. It also integrated the forum sessions so that once you logged in on the forums you were also logged in on the Wacintaki board.

However, I recently upgraded my forum software to the newest phpbb 3 version, making the old modifications for the Wacintaki incompatible with my forum, and leaving many of my users completely heart-broken and semi desperate.

I'm therefore in need of someone able to help me integrate your Wacintaki software with the new phpbb 3 forum version and I was wondering if you were perhaps interested to undertake this commission.

My question is therefore this:
Do you think you. or some other kind soul that reads this, could code such a custom modification, and if so, how much do you think you would charge for this?

I will of course provide a detailed list of exactly what it is that I need modified should you have the time and interest in this project, however, to put it simple, I would like to purchase a custom modification that allows the Wacintaki software to use the same user table and sessions as the phpbb 3 forum software. Several of the great functions you have provided for Wacintaki, such as the ban list and user registration, will not be needed, as I intend to use the similar options already available through phpbb. The modification will therefore primarily apply to the creation of drawings and the posting of comments, and if possible also to the moderating of the Wacintaki board, something which I believe should greatly simplify the coding of the custom modification.

Please allow me to thank you once again for your great Wacintaki software and for taking the time to read this smile

- Schwpz


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