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#1 04-17-2010 10:16:19


Like it - Option

haha maybe some of you will notice it's the same thing they use on facebook...
but first let me explain

I think it would be cool if users could click on a link/button and show they like the picture
It might look like this:

PIC ID | Comment | Artist | Title | Time | 7ppl like it (+1) < this would be the thing you have to click your "vote" counts

I think an Icon would be nice
the classic "Thumb up"-Icon
or simply +like it or something like this

oh and users shouldn't be able to like a picture more than once >P

But well I can't write such code hmm ...
but I wanted to tell you about...
What do you think?


#2 05-25-2010 09:19:34

New member

Re: Like it - Option

Yes, really there are very nice option. They looks very nice and pretty. The work is very well. I liked it.


#3 10-09-2010 21:20:24


Re: Like it - Option

This sounds like it would work pretty much the same as the "Heart" feature on my board a while back. The board is pretty much dead now but you can still see what I mean. ( )

All it would require is adding a field in the oekaki's mysql database (the database that handles the pictures) called "likes". Then some code added to functions.php that adds  +1 to that picture's field every time the Like button is pressed. It should probably also include a field that holds each person who presses the button's username so that users can only "like" it once.


#4 01-24-2011 06:44:16


Re: Like it - Option

I know this is an ancient thread but jeez I'd LOVE this feature! Especially if it'd list your favs in your profile popup thingy.


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