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#1 02-04-2010 07:39:04


Safety Saves Suggestions Wacintaki

I'd like to make a couple of suggestions.  The first one is "take it or leave it," because it's probably a matter of personal philosophy and might require overhaul, but I would like the number of allowed safety saves to be configurable.  Given that safety saves already time out, and that I have a ridiculous amount of disk space on my site, it wouldn't be any skin off my nose to let people keep multiple pending works.  In short, I'd like to do it myself, and I don't think I should deny to others something I'd like to do.  Right now there's two slots.  Would it take a major restructuring to allow a greater (and configurable) number?

The other suggestion is more desired, and should require less modification, as it's only a math/UI request:  On the "Recover Pics" page give a number for how long pictures have left to live.  There's a date, there, but no indication what it means (I'm assuming last edit, not creation date, based on my own experience).  But since the number of days before deletion is up to the administrator, and the end users only get to see it at the time they put something in for a safety save (AND the fact that it can be changed by the admin after they save!) it would be nice if they had an idea how many days they had left before a picture was automatically deleted.  So it would be nice to add a column for the "termination date" or (my preference) the number of days left before deletion.  I allow 30 days, because, like I said, I'm slow, and I have buttloads of space.


#2 02-05-2010 02:55:42


Re: Safety Saves Suggestions Wacintaki

You can change the number of safety saves per person in the "hacks.php" file located in the resource folder.  The default is 2, but you can have as many as you want.  This setting is not yet in the control panel because the control panel really needs a complete overhaul before I add more features.

The second suggestion should make it into the next version of the board.  Thanks!


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