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#1 12-28-2009 23:31:11

New member

Oekaki Board

Ok well... I've seen many people who are willing to have "their own Oekaki Board" I got a question... what for?

I do not try to attack people with this, but I am just curious... I think maybe some years ago I had some similar wishes, but right now I don't get it lol...

anyway... I've decided to let one (or some... depends) person to manage an Oekaki Board... I am installing it in these days and it'll be totally free for the one who manages it (think of it as an Oekaki Board hosted on a free site or w/e... without worrying on if you could install it or what...)

there'll be some rules, however, but I am trying to see if anyone is interested on it, and give him/her the tools to do so (I do believe that in some cases, giving the tools to people can help them learn something...)

Thanks for reading this!

- Ritchie


#2 01-01-2010 01:30:53


Re: Oekaki Board

The rise of social networks has been a severe blow to the oekaki community.  The boards aren't as popular as they once were, much like how blogs have nearly obliterated personal web pages.  OpenCanvas has also been a major competitor, which allows artists to draw together on one canvas.  Unlike PaintChat, the oekaki equivalent, OpenCanvas does not require a dedicated server and runs on a home computer, and thus makes it easier for people to use.

However, there are reasons to have an oekaki.  It's sort of like a chat room and guest book for artists.  They are still very popular among artists, especially in the manga, sonic, and furry communities.  It also makes a great room for guest art, such as for web comics.

I always recommend to people that when they start an oekaki, they choose a theme, or have a weekly suggestion in the notice.  Themes and focus generally increase participation.

One major deviation that Wacintaki has from historical oekaki boards is that you have to register to post art.  Many "channel" sites like 4chan allow random posting without registration, which is why they are so popular.  Eventually, I hope to rewrite Wacintaki under a GPL license, and then more sophisticated administration and security tools can be used as plug-ins.  Then, it will be practical to turn it into a free-form oekaki where users don't have to register if they don't want to.


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