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12-16-2017 21:15:06

I'd like that, too, but nobody seems interested in making it.  Even back when Java was still a thing, I was disappointed at how many paint programs were trying to be a massive clone of Photoshop and adding all kinds of sophisticated brushes and stuff.  Apparently, not many people want simple software (given how bloated and slow things have gotten on smart phones as of late).

Last time I checked, Chrome also has many problems with its implementation of canvas so pixel accuracy and zooming don't work as expected, making pixel art difficult.  Chrome also has really bad scaling of images, so any image scaling operations come out blurry (as I'm finding out with my newest implementation of my art gallery).  Firefox doesn't have these problems.

PaintBBS and ShiPainter are not open source, so they would have to be recreated from scratch.  I have decompiled the old oekaki applets, but I'm not legally allowed to distribute modified versions, so converting them to JavaScript isn't feasible even if I knew how to do it.

It's been a while since I've searched for new drawing apps, so maybe there's a few new options out there I haven't seen.  Still, it seems that most apps these days are trying to be really complicated and aren't well-suited for pixel art, which is a shame.

07-05-2017 18:58:51

Hello everyone, im new in this forum to be entirely honest, but i really wanted to ask if something like this would be something more people would like.
i miss the good old pixelated programs, but sadly they need java still. since chicken paint is a port of chibi paint, maybe something similar could be done with shi or maybe paintbbs?
im trying to revive an oekaki that is very important to me and i wanna find out what i could do to get people drawing there again.
thanks in advance! also, thanks for porting chibi paint at all. my tablet doesnt like it (wont recognize it as a drawing canvas like the others used to be), but its at least something people can draw with.

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