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04-24-2016 06:21:03

The problem isn't just Java, it's the fact you need to run a custom application on your host.  Many hosts don't allow you to do that.

04-19-2016 18:13:18

Add new paint tools Wacintaki/Wax except java?
Is it possible?

Like this: -

Also sorry my bad English. Thanks.

04-19-2016 05:47:51

I'm afraid not.  Paintchat requires you to install Java software on your server and run it under your shell account, and only limited numbers of servers will allow you to do that.  Very few people would be able to get it working.

It also suffers from the same technical problems as PaintBBS and ShiPainter, which means that Paintchat will likely not work properly with most web browsers by the end of this year (Java no longer works in Chrome, and support will soon be axed for Firefox).

04-18-2016 08:55:37

Like this:

This feature can be added in the future?

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