Originally, Backing Out was titled “Raiders,” after Robert Raider, the raccoon fellow you see here. However, the Kanus kids were always the lead characters of the strip. I made a ton of Raiders comics, but only the five I have on this web site are inked in a proper comics format, because I made them specifically for my bi-annual high school newspaper. There is also an additional introduction strip, but it has no punchline, so I haven't posted it.

Robert morphed out of my alter-ego at the time, Waccoon. Waccoon was clinically insane (in the stereotypically blissful way), and much of his tempermental neurosis was passed on to Robert. Waccoon eventually evolved into a level-headed yet insecure character with a few nervous tendencies, but Robert's personality has changed very little. To this day, Robert yells a lot and gets flustered over the littlest things, and makes a perfect compliment/foil for Christopher.