People have many ideas, concepts, and opinions about just what is an oversized breast, and for what reason we need SAWFLOB. When it hurts, one way or another, it's too big, and we are commited to alerting people to this simple fact.

We are not against big breasted females. We are against the artists who draw them -- the people with no respect or consideration for their character's happiness, lifestyle, or well being. The people who do not consider the consequences of giving their characters breasts so large, they cannot run, swim, and work alongside their peers and live normal lives.

We are commited to the positive promotion of small breasts, and their owners, as normal people who are just as important and wanted as people with more elaborate bodies.

We emphasize to characters that they are not freaks shackled to a life of provocative camp for the sole amusement of their artists or art clients.

If a character enjoys the way they are, we respect their wishes and pleasures, and do not try to make them feel bad about the way they are. Our message is for artists and art fans -- it is not to criticize the characters.

We ask artists, and their fans, to consider the ergonomics of everyday life, and design their characters for easy adaptation to such environments.

We pose new artistic challenges for artists to help find new, interesting ways to promote small and normal breasted art, and we provide a space on the Internet where people can permanently display this art.

SAWFLOB is a group project designed to bring all forms of characters together. Many of us were created by inconsiderate artists, and are ourselves inflicted with oversized, exaggerated, or anatomy that make our lives difficult. We emphasize to all other large breasted characters that they are not alone and do not have to be ashamed of who they are.

We are here to Stop Artists Who Foolishly Love Oversized Breasts!

-- Pamela Veex, SAWFLOB Director
-- Cindy Crawfur, SAWFLOB Co-Director