Updated: 9 / 25 / 07
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"If everyone had large
breasts, there would be
no room on the bus."

Welcome to the SAWFLOB web page, the original campaign to "Stop Artists Who Foolishly Love Oversized Breasts"! Founded in late 2000 by Pamela Veex and Cindy Crawfur, SAWFLOB offers a way for fellow characters, artists, and their fans, to voice their disgust over all forms of anatomically incorrect art.

My Back!

Yes, we're back! Well, at least we've added one new photo. How's that for keeping up the momentum?

Wow, it's been a long time since this place has seen an update. Some unfortunate events over the years have really messed up our schedule. Most prominently, is the fact that our creator and part-time sysadmin is a bona fide lazy ass. But, you didn't hear that from us, of course. ;>


But not as badly as the fanboys. We promise! ;>

Do you have a bone to pick with your artist over your outstanding qualities? Are your outstanding qualities interfering with the quality of your life? Do you have a problem with the drool of passers-by constantly washing up against your feet? We want to hear from you! Call us and learn how you can contribute to the SAW-CAUSE!

-- Pam